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The company and its operations

The company was founded on 14 October 1916 by Jóhann J. Ólafsson and is a family-owned business.

Jóhann Ólafsson & Co. is a leading company in sales and services for light bulbs, lighting equipment and related products from OSRAM, SITECO, TRAXON, Ghisamestieri, Danlamp, Bailey and other companies.

The company is the official dealer for various manufacturers, and since 1948, the company has been the agent for OSRAM in Iceland, which has been the backbone of the operations in recent years.

We place an emphasis on sales, professional advice, outstanding solutions and great service in the field of lighting with a particular emphasis on energy-saving light sources where both environmental protection and cost-effectiveness are taken into account.

The company builds its services and professional advice on a solid foundation of experience and personal service to both professionals and resellers.

The company currently employs nine staff members who have comprehensive education and experience in the field of lighting.

Jóhann Ólafsson & Co. is the official dealer for Japanese high-quality knives from MASAHIRO and KASUMI.

Jóhann Ólafsson aims to be a leading dealer and service provider in the field of energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting in Iceland.


Tel: 533-1900 Fax: 533-1901


ID nr.: 500609-1680  
VAT nr.: 10179